eBikes - Why On Earth Would You Want One?

Have you always been interested in getting into cycling in the Lake District but were afraid that you'd find it difficult to get up some of those super steep climbs? Maybe you're looking for a bike that will just take you further in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to do more and discover more incredible trails. Or, maybe you're recovering from or have an injury or disability that prevents you from riding...

Whatever the reason for not getting out in the hills and mountains of the beautiful Lakes the eBike is here to help you!

eBikes are an excellent way of broadening your cycling horizons, helping you to make the most of the trails and countryside around you. We've even seen riders well into their 70s cranking out the miles on an eBike.

Concerns - Why Are eBikes Bad?

Well, in short, they're not. There are a lot of concerns from the mountain biking community that eBikes somehow contribute excessively to trail erosion, yet there is no evidence to suggest this. Due to the nature of the 'pedal assist' drive on eBikes they only contribute to the power being put in by the rider. They are not a throttle-driven vehicle, like a moped or scooter.

Some 'traditionalist' riders also point to the lack of effort required on an eBike, as though they were somehow only for cheats. In our experience you can get just as tired on an eBike as on a 'normal' push bike, you will just go further!

eBikes are now being used by professional mountain bikers as a means of scoping out new trails and putting in some easier recovery miles over a shorter distance. It seems like eBikes will be around for some time, and while we'll always love the traditional pedal bike, the eBike is another fun machine designed to promote accessibility and a healthy lifestyle to people who would otherwise not be out on their bikes! That can only be a good thing, right?