Cycling Gloves

After helmets we think that gloves are one of the most essential pieces of kit. There's a huge variety of gloves out there depending on what type of riding you're going to do - be it commuting, road biking or mountain biking. Some gloves keep you warm, some keep you dry, some keep you cool, others protect your precious palms or add comfort as you grip the bars...some even now are kitted out with 'touch screen finger tips' so that you don't have to remove them to use your phone, camera or electronic device. They think of everything don't they!

Our Favorite Summer Gloves

Endura Xtract Mitt


Available in both gents' and ladies' sizes and colours, these are a fantastic entry level road bike glove / mitt. With gel padded palms, velcro wrist fastening, stretch fabric and finger tabs for easy removal, these are everything you could ask for from a road mitt at a great price. 

Troy Lee Designs XC Glove


In a range of bright summery colours these gloves are a fab price, a really comfortable fit, and add a lovely grippy feel while riding. They have a two way stretch fabric and a velcro fastening at the wrist so that they always feels secure. A no brainer when it comes to choosing a pair of all round cycling gloves.

Endura Full Monty Glove


A full finger glove, appropriate for summer riding thanks to the mesh finger web spaces to allow air flow and that all important breathability factor. These are the only full finger gloves we have in stock that have a gel padded palm for extra protection. The fleece on the back comes in handy for mopping the old brow when needed, and they add a great grip when holding the handlebars.

ION Gat Glove


An extremely thin, yet durable glove which is well ventilated throughout. So comfortable you forget you're wearing it. We know as we have all not stopped wearing these for riding since they came into the shop! The palm is made from a single piece of material so there's no pressure on the palms from seams, and they have the special 'digital tips' or 'magic finger' so that you can work your GPS, phone etc while wearing them.