Cycling Shoes

Shoes after often an underestimated and overlooked piece of cycling kit. A good shoe on any bike can enhance pedal performance and efficiency. 

With modern clipless pedals (i.e no toe clips) the rider and the bicycle become one, offering greater control and more power per pedal stroke and less fatigue for the rider.

There is a variety of different shoes and pedal combinations you can go for, with road cyclists preferring an external three bolt cleat allowing more torque and leverage to be applied to the bike. While the mountain biker will prefer a recessed cleat allowing him to walk / carry the bike on uneven terrain and uphill when required. This combination is also great and popular with the touring / commuter cyclist. 

Some cyclists continue to prefer the flat pedal and flat shoe option. Flat cycling shoes are designed to have a softer compounded rubber soul to help with grip on the pedal and avoid that annoying foot slip!

We can offer advice on which combination will be best for you and which shoe and pedal combination to help you get the most from each revolution!

We also have special cleat alignment tools in the workshop with which we can get the cleats on each shoe in perfect symmetry for better biomechanics when cycling. Having tried this tool ourself we can properly shout about what a difference this makes to the feel of riding your bike 'clipped in'. 

Road Shoes

Road shoes feature stiff, one-piece sole units, often moulded from plastic or even carbon fibre. This feature provides maximum power transfer through the shoe to the pedal whilst minimising flex. They tend to be very lightweight and low profile. Check out a small selection of our cycling shoes below.

Giro Apeckx II Road Shoe


If you’re a cyclist who measures your performance in hours on the bike, then this is exactly your sort of road bike shoe: rigid and powerful but also comfortable and light.

Shimano RP3 SPD Shoe


A comfortable, efficient shoe for recreational rides. Pro level features, perfect for the club and recreational cyclist.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Shoes

All of our MTB shoes in the shop have rubber soles (as opposed to plastic ones) to add grip when walking on slippy rocky surfaces. Here's just a small selection of what's available. Come and try some on to get the best fit!

Shimano AM 9 Shoe


All-mountain shoes for aggressive downhill, Enduro and trail riding. Conquer gravity and be ready to battle the toughest descents with confidence and control.


Northwave Enduro Mid (Cedric Gracia) Shoe


During the development of Northwave Enduro we turned to our top pro riders, including the legendary Cedric Gracia, the number two in the EWS 2014 rankings Damien Oton, the number three Cécile Ravanel and Spanish rider Jordi Bago, and asked them to describe what the perfect enduro shoe needs to have.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes for mountain biking are extremely popular with downhill and freeride cyclists who want to be able to quickly plant a foot out in a loose turn or twist their body shape through their pedals for enhanced cornering. We have a wide range of flat cycling shoes for flat pedals in store.

Shimano AM7 Shoe


All-mountain and downhill shoes for optimum pedal connectivity, rider comfort and protection. Durable, high grip outsole for maximum control without clipping in. Exclusive Vibram® outsole provides superior bike control in all conditions.