Hybrid Bikes

Hybrids get their name because their design is a mix of both mountain and road bike, with the result being a bicycle that is perfect for general purpose everyday riding on various types of terrain - whether popping to the shops, heading out for a spin on the road or a cycle way, or just cruising around town. Hybrids are the perfect leisure or commuter bike, and make those family bike rides or journeys from A to B enjoyable. 

Hybrids tend to have a flat handlebar like a mountain bike, which offers an upright riding position so that you have comfort and good visibility around you as you ride. Rigid forks or suspension is down to personal preference and tyres tend to be larger volume, again offering more comfort, and hybrids are the perfect bike to fit mud guards, kickstands, racks, pannier bags, baskets...whatever you want to make it work for you, and carry your belongings or shopping as you go about your day.

Our Top Selling Hybrid:


Merida Crossway 100


Still a top seller for 2018, this lovely bike ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a hybrid for leisure or commuting. We all enjoy riding it and the fact it is one of our top sellers speaks volumes. It has an adjustable stem, offering that optimum upright riding position, and a great quality suspension seat post, which adds to the smoothness of your ride by absorbing some of the bumps in the road. With hydraulic disc brakes and a lightweight frame we really think this is a faultless bike. It comes in both a ladies and a gents frame too, making sure that the comfort and fit of the bike is the best it can be for you. Its a perfect example of a hybrid. Lightweight, easy to use and comfortable. And with a price tag of £625.00 it's no wonder it's one of our best sellers. 


At 4Play Cycles we believe in looking after the bikes we sell, and helping you keep them in great working order. We provide three services in the first year free of charge after you’ve bought your bikes from us. We advise that you bring your bike back to us after one months worth of riding, then six month’s and a year from the date of purchase so that we can give it a tune up and a ‘once over’. If you’ve not had chance to use your bike much with in its first month then wait a while until it has done some miles, unless of course you have any problems with it, in which case bring it in as soon as you can.