Lapierre Bikes

Whatever type of cyclist you are, Lapierre claim that they can provide the bike of your dreams. For over 60 years Lapierre have been the leading brand to watch in France, and now they want to conquer the rest of the world! We are helping them on their way by stocking their beautiful bikes. As with all brands we can provide you with anything in their range, but our top two Lapierre sellers come from their mountain bike range, The Zesty and The Spicy. Lapierre push the limits of performance with their bikes and the MTB range is tested by Nicholas Boule, 10 x world champion. They strive to venture into new technologies that keep them at the top of their game. Whether you are looking for performance, pleasure, comfort, or getting away from it all, there will be a Lapierre for you.

The Lapierre Zesty range is suitable for that rider who wants a nimble, shorter travel (150mm front and rear) feel, in a well rounded and balanced bike. The 150mm travel means this bike is as perfectly at home slogging up a hill or speeding down a mountain. A great Lake District trail bike.

The Lapierre Spicy has slacker angles, more travel (160mm front and rear) a shorter stem and wider bars, and is a general amazing all round battleship! Or is perfectly suited to the enduro rider who wants a competitive slick steed.

Hot Picks - Which Lapierre Should You Buy?

Both bikes feature an optional 'EI system' developed by SRAM. EI meaning electronic intelligence. Developed in 2013 it was considered as a huge revolution in mountain biking. The system monitors the rider input, the terrain and speed, and automatically adjusts the shock to deliver the optimum setting for each moment of riding. A permanently changing suspension gives an awesome riding feeling and allows maximum performance with every pedal stroke. EI can turn your bike from wild beast to tame pony in milliseconds!!

Lapierre  Zesty All Mountain 527 E:I


Rebirth of an icon! In 2016 the Zesty AM has been given a new lease of life with a radical new geometry: a long front centre & shorter, wider cockpit. OST+ suspension for better comfort and pedaling efficiency, coupled with 150mm of travel front and rear, mean you’ll be at ease in the climbs and ripping down the descents! A bike built for the mountains.

Lapierre Spicy E:I 527


Spicing up enduro riding! With new progressive race geometry developed by Nicolas Vouilloz, OST+ suspension for better comfort and pedaling efficiency, and 165mm of rear travel and 160mm up front, the Spicy is built for riders wanting to attack steep technical descents!

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