Don't allow the shorter days and darker nights to be a reason for less time in the saddle. Having a decent set of lights is vital. Obviously there's the safety aspect making sure you can see and be seen where-ever you are. But also so that you can continue to ride and enjoy your cycling throughout our dark winter months, both on the roads and off them.

This season we are truly delighted with our award winning light range. All hand picked based upon quality, runtime, lumens (light output) and price. We have a range of lights from a few brands...Lezyne, Moon, Gemini and Cygolite; all offering something different so that we have the light for you, regardless of what you need them for. Mixing and matching will make sure you get what you need from your lights, whether you want a helmet mount, have an aero seat post or want it on your pannier rack.

Night riding is one of our passions here at 4Play cycles so come and see us to discuss what you need.

Here's a few top picks from our range...come and see us to see what else we have in store....


Lezyne Femto Drive LED light.      £14.99 per unit.

This is our top 'goto' light set for the cyclist that doesn't want to spend a fortune but requires a quality, bright light to be seen and safe on the roads. The set mounts on the handlebar and seat post, and is an extremely lightweight aluminium compact design. With flashing and constant modes it offers everything you need at an affordable price. One of our top sellers.




Cygolite Dash Pro 450 USB.       £55 (Front)

We think this is a great front light for commuting with ample power and a quality lens delivering a wide beam of light (so that you don't feel like your riding in a tunnel!) It has great run times (battery life is three and a half hours on full power). Its sleek looking and easy to mount, has a quick recharge times via its supplied USB cable (charge it while your at work ready for the ride home!) so we think its a great investment if your looking for a top end front light.






pairs perfectly with the.....



Cygolite Hotrod 50 USB.       £34.99 (Rear)

Designed to fit on any seat post, rack or seat stay this versatile light will grab any motorists attention from a safe distance. It offers six different flashing modes, is extremely bright, unleashing 50 lumens of radiant wide coverage and again USB chargable. Perfectly paired with the dash pro for a great combination of front and rear lights for the road / commuting cyclist.





Moon Pulsar rear light.      £14.99

This fantastic little light deliver 25 lumens of ultra bright power via two AAA batteries. Modern lights now are all leaning towards USB charging, but if your battery dies in the middle of the road most of won't be whipping out the laptop and waiting while it recharges. This dependable rear light will have you seen and safe on your ride home. We do often recommend that you have a battery powered light alongside any USB light for security, and at this unbeatable price, this Moon light is the perfect option.

Definitely something worth shouting about as a functional light at a competitive price.


Gemini Duo 4 cell LED light system.  £179

We absolutely love how compact this light unit is. Its ideal for a helmet mount due to its light weight (ONLY 65g) and low profile, so less chance of knocking it off on a tree! We also love the fact that it comes with a handy wireless remote control which can be mounted onto the handlebar so that the light can be controlled easily without the need to stop pedalling. It comes with its own soft case, and everything you need for safe storage. Delivering 1500 genuine lumens, (although this isn't the brightest light we stock) its runtime on full power of three hours makes it a perfect light for those night time mountain bike rides. Its awesome!


Gemini Titan LED 8 Cell light.     £299.99

This bad boy produces 4000 genuine lumens from a 160 gram light weight unit. It's a handlebar mounted will definitely see where you are going!! With all the quality we have come to expect from Gemini it offers the ultimate lighting experience....some would say it turns your night ride into a day ride!

This is mountain bike only as please remember that this amount of light is not road legal!

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