The Workshop

If it creaks, squeaks, rattles or bangs, or you just want a tune up, bring it in for us to look at. Repairs are our forte. This is where the magic happens!

We pride ourselves on getting your bike performing to its optimum and getting you back on the road or the mountain, pronto. We like to go above and beyond when treating your bikes to their TLC and give them all the same love we give our own. So if there's a mechanical problem that you need our help with, give us a call to get booked in to our workshop. Our workshop is a very busy place, so we do advise that you book a slot to avoid disappointment. 

That said, we will always do our best for those unexpected breakages that happen and will try our hardest to manage walk in repairs, but please do note that this is not always possible on a very busy day.

We have have heaps of experience and qualifications to handle the most complex problems and will look at any bike, no matter how old, what brand or where it originally came from.

Each repair is different and will be quoted individually depending on what we find, so it's impossible to give a specific price list, but a few common repairs that we do frequently are listed below:

  • Inner tube replacement - £11 (£6 tube/£5 minimum workshop cost)
  • Wheel true - £10 per wheel.
  • Bottom bracket replacement – Variable cost
  • Tubeless conversion – From £10, variable.
  • Minimum workshop charge - £5

Please note: we always appreciate a reasonably clean bike to work on when its in our workshop so please try to bring them in as clean as possible! 

We aim to be as reasonable and competitive as possible with our prices, and where able, offer free fitting on high value items purchased in store. Our focus is always on carrying out a quality repairs with reputable, reliable components, and can discuss options for parts further with you at the time.

Parts & Spares

We only use high quality components in the workshop, and are full SRAM, Shimano, Jagwire Cables, KMC Chains and HOPE stockists. We have a massive range of premium parts at our fingertips so can source any part you want or need to add to your bike. If you can't find what your looking for or simply don't know, we can't emphasise enough...come and talk to us, we are here to help.

Rozone Biological Smart Washer

One of our favourite workshop friends is the Rozone Smartwasher. It allows us give bike parts a first-class clean that traditional cleaning methods cannot match. Sticky drive chains are no longer a problem as we are able to get them back to bare metal. Having this in our workshop gives us superior cleaning power that is safe and effective on any part of the bike. 


We are committed to providing quality services that will ensure your bike is performing to its maximum potential. Every aspect of the bikes function is looked at during a service, from a loose spoke to stripping, cleaning and rebuilding your bike....we do it all.

  • Full suspension service £60
  • Hardtail / road bike  / hybrid service £50

Please note the above price does not include parts. If a service identifies new parts are required they will incur additional costs, but no additional labour charge is added during a service.

Custom Bike Builds

If your dream bike is something more individual and specifically tailored to your needs we can help you realise the ultimate bike. The vast array of parts at our fingertips, and product knowledge in our brains means we have the ability to build an amazing bespoke bike just as you desire. The possibilities are endless. 

Tools and Lubricants

Here at 4Play cycles we use a combination of tools, the renowned Park Tools, Topeak and Snap-on to name but a few.

Using the right tool for the right job not only makes out work easier, but ensures that repairs and builds are carried out to a high, satisfactory standard. Many of these tools are also available to buy in-store.

And we place huge emphasis on using the best quality lubricant we can find to use for the right applications on a bicycle, it really does make all the difference!