Mountain Bikes

The history of mountain biking heralds from the days of the Klunkerz...the guys adapting normal 26” Scwhinn cruisers and taking them into the mountains to ride. Legendary Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, to name a few spearheading the revolution which was to develop mountain biking like no other. We salute the pioneers of mountain biking.

From those days mountain bikes have developed their own identity. Unique axle widths, geometry and of course modern suspension, all creating bikes that are now technical masterpieces, designed for off road, rough terrain; easier to handle, stronger, lighter and faster. 

Mountain biking now can be generally broken into three categories. All mountain / enduro, cross county and downhill. With bikes being specifically engineered towards each sport for optimum performance.

Mountain biking brands we sell and love are Rocky Mountain, Merida, Ghost, Lapierre, and Onza. And we can guide you through the choice helping you get the right bike for you, depending on your requirements, dreams and budget. Come and see us to get your mountain biking adventure started!

At 4Play Cycles we believe in looking after the bikes we sell, and helping you keep them in great working order. We provide three services in the first year free of charge after you’ve bought your bikes from us. We advise that you bring your bike back to us after one month’s worth of riding, then six months and a year from the date of purchase so that we can give it a tune up and a ‘once over’. If you’ve not had chance to use your bike much with in its first month then wait a while until it has done some miles, unless of course you have any problems with it, in which case bring it in as soon as you can.

Our Mountain Biking Brands

Check out our selection of MTB brands below, just click on a logo to see more from each bike manufacturer.

  • Rocky Mountain - From Canada to The Lake District, Rocky Mountain Bicycles are beautiful and fun.
  • Ghost - German engineering for your bike. Guaranteed to put some fun between your legs!
  • Merida - Great bikes at amazing prices. All bases covered, from first mountain bike to race day pro.
  • Nukeproof - Need no introduction. Bikes with attitude for riders.
  • NS - Unique, different, forward thinking and developed in Poland. Take a look.

Our Mountain Bike Recommendations

Check out our pick of the mountain bikes on offer at 4Play Cycles. We have heaps more in stock in store and can order any model you like.

The Merida One Twenty 7 500


We feel this bike really demonstrates how far mountain biking has been developed since its early days, and offers everything that an amazing mountain bike should, good looking, with full suspension, internal cabling, bolt through axles, 27.5 wheel size, 120mm travel (and much more!) at a price we never imagined was possible.